Founder’s Message

At Think we are committed to your child and to your family.founders message-banner

The idea for Think was born out of my desire to do what I found no one else to be doing in Bahrain: provide the highest quality therapeutic interventions for children with behavioral or developmental difficulties.

I wanted to provide the quality and range of behavioral and developmental therapy for children that I had the privilege to be a part of as a behavioral therapist in New York City.

When I returned to Bahrain, there was no network of ABA qualified behavior analysts. As I began to work with clients, I became a witness to the unbearable burden these families had previously been carrying, alone and unsupported from the moment they realized their child was experiencing learning, behavioral or other developmental challenges.

My clients opened up to me about their complete isolation when trying to find answers, solutions and hope. These families were and are fighters, never giving up until they give their children the best possible chance in life through the highest quality intervention, and they have been inspirational to me.

At Think we like to believe that not taking action in order to help children reach their potential is not an 

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option, and my deepest hope is that our center can help make this belief a reality to many families. To me personally, wasting a child’s potential by not giving them the best is an unbearable thought.I have been touched deeply by the families and children that I have had the honor of serving both when I was acting independently and since I opened the doors to the center in 2013. These families have been my inspiration 

from the start.The reality that many families’ solutions were draining their limited resources – in terms of their hope,their time and their money – without yielding measurable positive changes in the learning and the quality of life of their children, motivated me to dare to do something about it. And this is when I decided to make the transition from independent ABA therapist to creating a full-service therapeutic intervention center for children.

And so, I created Think.