Our Approach

Our therapy is grounded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis


At Think we have one purpose: to improve the life outcomes of the children who come through our door.

Our principle therapeutic and teaching service for children with social, developmental or behavior difficulties is supported by over 40 years of scientific research and has been shown to be the most effective treatment for individuals with autism.

This methodology is called Applied Behavior Analysis or ABA.

ABA, which comes from evidenced-based practices, has been shown time again to provide real results.

A 360-degree approach to improving the lives of the children we work with

our approach 2

A 360-degree approach means that we use complementary therapies to achieve results and support the treatment of the individual. Complementary therapies as well as family and school involvement are key for success.

Multidisciplinary therapy

Our ABA team is trained in the principles of ABA and uses our rigorous data-tracking system inorder to continuously assess and evolve the program for each child. We also offer additional therapies because our research and experience show that in many cases, the way to achieve the best results is to have a comprehensive and integrated program.

To this end, we also count as part of our team speech, physical and occupational therapists.

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Inclusion of family and school

Parents and schools play a very important role in the rate of progress the children we work with make. In fact, the whole community around the child plays a role.

We believe in including the child’s community as much as possible. We include parents in therapy sessions and  provide training for parents, care-givers and educators, which you can read more about here.