Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is one of the most  recommended, scientifically proven treatments for children with autism or other developmental delays.

ABA uses behavioral intervention, taking gradual 10535748_309926305846665_8197512279150174868_osteps at an individualized pace, to teach new skills to adults and children with  autism and other developmental delays. A key factor to the ABA approach is the collection of behavior data in each teaching session. This data is used to measure the effectiveness of each child’s program and then to adjust the program to evolve accordingly.

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) oversees the granting of the professional credentials required to practice ABA.

The BACB and ABA are recognized internationally.

In the US they have been endorsed by a wide range of state and federal agencies including The American Academy of Pediatrics, National Academies of Science, The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and the U.S. Surgeon General.

Studies of ABA have repeatedly shown that children have experienced improvements in IQ, language skills and academic performance, given the right intensity of ABA. Some have even managed to transition successfully into mainstream school classes where they can learn alongside their peers.

Most importantly, ABA teaches new skills and reduces common behavioral problems.

At Think we strictly adhere to the BACB guidelines for DSC_9383practicing ABA, and are the only center in Bahrain to do so. To get started, we have had the privilege of being guided by one the most renowned ABA experts in the US, Dr. Eb Blakely. Here you can see a video of Dr. Blakely explaining ABA.

At Think we use ABA therapy to create or improve behaviors that are lacking – such as communication and play skills, and to decrease behaviors that are not socially appropriate – such as tantrums and aggression.

We do this by creating individualized programs based on an initial assessment, keeping careful record of each session according to our rigorous data-keeping system, and evolving each program when the time is right.

Learn more about our approach or how to get started with us, or go straight to learning about our services.