Our Team

Ingy Alireza, Ed.M., BCBA – FounderDSC_9154v

Ingy received a dual Masters in Intellectual Disability/Autism and Early Childhood Special Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, and full certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2006. She is a New York State certified early childhood special educator. Her clinical interests include verbal behavior, and the functional analysis of problem behavior.

Ingy has worked as a consultant to families, mainstream and special needs schools, and autism organizations in the Middle East since 2006. Before that, she worked as a behavioral therapist at the renowned McCarton School in New York City as well as at St. Luke’s Hospital Preschool for multi-handicapped children and YAI also in New York.

In addition to Think, Ingy is committed to Thinkinc Foundation, which she founded and sits on the board of, and her private clients to whom she provides specialized ABA consulting.

Clinical Supervisory Team

Michael Insalata, M.Sc.(ABA)., BCBA –  Clinic Director 

Michael head shotMichael began studying Applied Behavior Analysis and working with children on the spectrum as an Undergraduate at Western Michigan University in the U.S. He went on to get his Master’s in ABA from Northeastern University in Boston before becoming a BCBA in 2011. Michael spent time working for the New England Center for Children, both in Boston and in Abu Dhabi before moving to Denver,  Colorado where he was a director at The Joshua School, a school for children with autism.

Michael has experience utilizing ABA principles in the school, center, community and home environments. His clinical areas of interest include community based instruction, functional analyses or problem behavior, functional communication training, and discrete trial training.

Zahera Alanfooz, M.A. (Ed.) BCBA – Clinic SupervisorZahera1-150x150

Zahera was awarded a scholarship to the University of Auckland, where she pursued a Maser’s degree in Education before becoming Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in 2016. Zahera has prior experience teaching in a community center in New Zealand and working as an education coordinator at a language center in Bahrain.

Zahera joined the Think team in 2014 and was promoted to Lead Therapist in 2015 and to Supervisor in May 2016. Her clinical interests include: behavior management, individualization of curriculum and evidenced teaching procedures. 

Amna, M.Sc – Clinic Supervisor

Amna3Amna received  her Master’s degree in Developmental  Disorders from Lancaster university in the United Kingdom in 2015. As part of her Masters thesis, Amna conducted a study with children diagnosed with ASD from different centers and schools in Bahrain and the study involved training learners on certain skills and testing transfer effects to other skill areas. Prior to joining the Think team Amna worked as an English preschool teacher. Amna then joined Think in February 2016 as a Behavioral Technician. In November 2016 Amna stepped up as an Acting Lead Therapist before being promoted to Case Manager in 2017. In her new role, Amna is working directly with the clients and their families on developing programs while she continues to pursue her BCBA certification as she is completing the supervised hours and the online coursework through the University of Colorado, Denver. 

Aditi Sara Joesph, M.ADS., BCBA – Clinic SupervisorCapture3

Aditi earned a Post-graduate diploma in Autism and Behavioural Science at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada in 2013 and a Masters in Applied Disability Studies with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Canada in 2016.

Aditi has experience delivering Intensive Behaviour Intervention to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) first at Kerry’s Place Autism Services which is Canada’s largest service provider for children, youth and adults with ASD where she delivered behaviour intervention based on the principles of ABA.

She then moved on to work as a Lead Therapist at Children’s Support Solutions – Morneau Shepell where she was responsible for training staff and working with children to achieve skill acquisition and behaviour reduction goals as well as facilitating social skills programs.

Her clinical interests include: development of social skills in children and pre-teens, functional communication training, and treatment of problem behaviour.



Complementary Therapies Team

Miriam I Mahdi, BSocSc., PGDip  Occupational Therapy – Occupational Therapist 

Miriam has been at Think since January 2015. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Miriam2Social Science in 2011 focusing on Special Education and Psychology from University College Cork, Ireland. Miriam went on to study Occupational Therapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh where she received a Postgraduate Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2014.

Miriam has experience in working with children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Physical Disability. She uses principles of behavior analysis  and occupational therapy in combination to assist children to achieve goals. She is registered with the UK regulatory body Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Her clinical interests include  handwriting, toilet training, parent and carer education/training and developing independent living skills for self-care, play, school work, and leisure.


Lynda Hanratty, B.Sc (Honours), Speech and Language Therapy – Speech and Language Therapist

Lynda WebLynda joined Think in January 2016. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy in 2011 from  Birmingham City University.  Lynda has had experience working with children and adults with a range of disorders and diagnoses including: childhood apraxia of speech, articulation and phonological disorders, expressive and receptive language delays/disorders, Dysfluency, Autism, Down Syndrome and Developmental delays. Lynda has a strong interest in stuttering/stammering in children and adults and is Lidcome certified.  She enjoys working closely with children and their families to provide knowledge and support to help increase communication abilities in their everyday lives.

Layla Al Dallal, B.Sc, SLP – Audiology and Speech and Language therapist

Layla received a scholarship to study Audiology and Speech language therapy at the University of Jordan Layla Weband graduated in 2013. During her studies, Layla received extensive training in multiple clinics and schools in Jordan as well as the Audiology, Speech and Language unit at Salmaniya medical hospital, Bahrain.  Layla has worked as a speech therapist in clinical and educational settings in Bahrain with both pediatric and adult populations with various speech and language delays and disorders. Layla’s clinical interests include the auditory and verbal rehabilitation of children and adult clients with hearing loss and cochlear implants. Layla joined Think in November 2015 as a behavior technician and has received extensive training and experience in application of behavior principles in clinical settings and the management of interfering behaviors to decrease barriers to learning.

ليلى الدلال, أخصائية النطق واللغة

حصلت ليلى على بعثة لدراسة علوم السمع و النطق في الجامعة الأرنية وتخرجت سنة 2013, حصلت على تدريب في بعض المراكز و المدارس في الأردن و واصلت عملها لاحقا في البحرين حيث حصلت على تدريب في مستشفى السلمانية في قسم السمع و النطق و اللغة و من ثم عملت كأخصائية نطق و لغة في أحد مراكز التربية الخاصة و احدى العيادات في ممكلة البحرين. تمتلك ليلى خبرة في تقييم و علاج مختلف اضطرابات النطق و اللغة كالتأخر اللغوي, الإضرابات النطقية, اضرابات الطلاقة الكلامية كالتأتاة و التأهيل السمعي و اللفظي لضعاف السمع و زارعي القوقعة. انظمت ليلى لفريق ثنك في نوفمبر 2015 كفنية سلوك و اكتسبت خبرة في مجال السلوك و تطبيقاته, تحليل البيانات و
الإستجابة لمختلف السلوكيات و التعامل معها.


Think’s Behavior Technicians

Here at Think, we are very proud of our team of dedicated Behavior Technicians. Think’s Behaviordsc_0330
Technicians come to us with different backgrounds some at the undergraduate and some at the graduate level (i.e education, special education, speech, or psychology). Some of Think’s behavior technicians from different educational backgrounds and through relevant work experience have made a career shift. Regardless of educational background and experience, each and every one of Think’s behavior technicians undergoes an intensive in house levelled training program.

The Behavior Technician is a paraprofessional who practices under the close, ongoing supervision of a BCBA and BCaBA. The Behavior Technician is primarily responsible for the direct implementation of behavior-analytic services. Think’s Behavior Technicians do not design intervention or assessment plans. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor to determine which tasks a behavior technician may perform as a function of his or her training, experience, and competence. The BACB certificant supervising the Behavior Technician is responsible for the work performed by the behavior technician on the cases they are overseeing.



Interested in a career at Think? Check out our careers page.


Operations Team


Daniela Peykova-Daher, B.A. – Operations Manager

Daniela received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from theDaniella2 University of Rousse, Bulgaria. She began in retail and progressed to Head of Logistics and Distribution Department and has worked in a variety of companies based in Bulgaria. Daniela joined Think’s operations team in 2014. She oversees Think’s office administration.


Fatima Al Sawad, Dip.BA – HR Operations and Client Coordinator

Fatima received her Business Administration Diploma at the University of Fatima1Bahrain in 2006. She also holds a British Council certificate for Business English. Prior to working with Think, Fatima worked in various companies in Bahrain in the administration and secretarial departments. Fatima joined Think in December 2014 as part of our operations team.



Prakash , B.Sc. – IT

Prakash has received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Prakash WebAnnamali University in India. He has strong knowledge in administering and maintaining Linux, Windows, Unix Servers, desktops, and also experience in Systems and Computer Networking with a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Prakash’s IT experience has been helping out the operations and clinical team since July 2015.