By / December 6, 2016

Practical tips for stopping your child wandering off in public

Having your child wander off in a public place is a big concern. Here we give some practical steps on how to avoid this happening.

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By / November 19, 2016

How to talk to family and friends about your child’s autism diagnosis

Practical steps for parents when explaining their child’s diagnosis to family members and friends.

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By / November 8, 2016

Tips for managing problem behaviors using positive reinforcement

One of the central principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the use of reinforcement to bring about a change...

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By / October 24, 2016

The relationship between intellectual disability and ASD: what it means for your child

We answer the most common questions we receive from parents around intellectual disability and autism.

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By / October 6, 2016

There’s no cure for autism – and that’s ok

There are many misconceptions about autism and its cure. Here’s why we should be less focused on a cure and more focused on happiness.

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By / September 16, 2016

How to make toilet training a child with autism or developmental delay easier

Is your child ready for potty training? Helpful ways to make toilet training a child with autism or developmental delay less stressful.

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By / September 7, 2016

5 holiday activities for children with autism

Need some creative inspiration to keep the kids occupied over the holidays? Here are some easy activities that you and your child can both enjoy.

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By / September 1, 2016

Helping your child bond with their siblings

Simple ways to help children with autism and their siblings foster a meaningful relationship they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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By / August 24, 2016

Treating autism using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – A guide for parents

A jargon-free guide about ABA and autism that answers the most common questions I get asked by parents.

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