How it works

The following is an outline of how it works for Think newcomers and returning families:


1. Initial interview conducted by Clinic Director which consists of:
  • A Parent Interview,
  • Child Observation,
  • Review of any previous assessment reports or plans.

2. Placement on Think’s waiting list, if the Initial Interview demonstrates need for our services.

3. Assessment conducted by Supervisor and support staff (Behavior Technicians) when a place becomes available. During the assessment sessions we study the following skills:

  • getting started   Requesting,
  •    Labeling,
  •    Listener responding/receptive,
  •    Pre-conversational and conversational,
  •    Imitation including gross/fine/vocal imitation,
  •    Play,
  •    Visual perceptual, and
  •    Any barriers to learning.

4. Program created by two BCBAs (Director and Supervisor) according to the Assessment. The program is both, a guideline for thetherapist(s) who will work with your child and a means of measuring your child’s progress.

5. Daily therapy implemented by Behavior Technician, according to your child’s program and schedule. We have a term system in place; all terms are approximately eight weeks in duration, depending on public holidays when we are closed.

6. Daily data input by Behavior Technician.getting started 2

7. Lead Therapist regularly adapts program targets according to progress, all changes being first approved by the Supervisor.

8. A scheduled supervision session Supervisor occurs at least twice per term.

9. Behavior TechnicianLead TherapistSupervisor, and Clinical Director conduct weekly team meetings discussing your child’s program.

10. Weekly summary reports are created by the Supervisor.

11. Mid term meeting between the Director (BCBA), the Supervisor (BCBA) and the parents to discuss progress and next steps.

12. End of Term Report written by Supervisor.


Other Therapies and Services – If Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and/or Occupational Therapy (OT) are recommended for your child, a free interview and case study will be scheduled with our SLT  and/or OT. Should you then decide to go forward with either therapy, a full assessment will follow.

Teaching goals are also regularly provided to the family to ensure

DSC_9696Parent Involvement

Parents are involved in their child’s therapy in several ways:

  1. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in as many of their child’s sessions as possible. This is an opportunity to learn new skills to help manage their child’s behavior and progress in the home.
  2. Parents will have a regular consultation for in-depth program review and to talk over progress areas-for-development as per our term system.


For more information on your term dates and services,  please contact us and ask for your Welcome Package.