ABA Therapy and Program Management

ABA therapy is at the heart of what we do at Think Behavior and Development Center for Children.

Not sure what ABA therapy is? Click here for more information, including a video that gets to the heart of why we believe so strongly in this treatment for children with behavioral-related challenges.

ABA therapy is the method by which we identify your child’s developmental priorities, create a program that teaches your child skills and behaviors that are lacking, and manage the evolution of your child’s progression.

ABA Therapy and Pgm Mgmt2


Once a child’s program goals have been chosen, a behavior therapist implements the teaching and behavior protocols defined by the program.

Programs have two elements:

  • Intensive Table Work where compliance, attention to task, language, and academic goals including reading, math and spelling are targeted.
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET), which aims to generalize what has been taught at the table and also targets requesting, play, socialization and self-help skills.

We aim to conduct our teaching sessions in the environment (home, school, shopping center, community) as much as possible to give your child a chance to use these skills.


Evolving Program

Data regarding the child’s responses is collected and recorded into our database.

This allows us to monitor the acquisition of goals, the timing of this acquisition, and to introduce new goals as soon as your child is ready.

Regular data collection and graphing is a necessary component of any effective program to measure the effectiveness of the chosen teaching and behavioral interventions and to determine if the interventions have been successful.

abaavb therapy


A supervisor, senior and more experienced than our behavior technician, has the responsibility of keeping your child’s program up to date and on track. The supervisor meets with your child’s therapist at regular intervals to discuss his/her program. Likewise, the supervisor will meet with you at regularly scheduled times to provide you with a progress reports.


Your child is the most valuable component of all processes at Think. Our priority is to create a program that will work specifically for your child. When elements in that program don’t work, we adapt it to ensure they do.