Comprehensive Assessment

The comprehensive assessment is a very important process that takes place when we first start working with your child. We do not rush this process. Instead, we like to take the time to truly understand your child.

comp assessmentThe First Step: Initial Assessment

The initial assessment comprises of two to six hours (over several sessions), with a BCBA, our most experienced and qualified therapists. The goal of these sessions is to establish your child’s skills and abilities in more detail,  forming the basis for the program we will design for your child. It is also the established base by which we (and you) can observe your child’s progress and adapt the program.

More specifically, the initial assessment establishes your child’s level of functioning in the following areas:

  • Communication Skills,
  • Motor Skills,
  • Adaptive Skills,
  • Visual Perception,
  • Academic Ability,
  • Social Skills, and
  • Behavior Tendencies.

In essence, this is an intricate process that delves deep into your child’s abilities in order to be able to create an ideal therapy program specific to your child.


The Second Step: Program Creation

Towards the end of the initial assessment we are able to begin designing a program specific to your child. Key to our programs is the inclusion of milestones and targets that once reached, will lead to the evolution of the program and your child’s continued progress.

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The program will include recommendations for frequency of sessions and for any appropriate complimentary therapies to ABA.Once your child has achieved a given set of targets, we adapt the program.

In this way, the program is both a guideline for the therapist(s) who will work with your child and a means of measuring your child’s progress.


Functional Analysis

Sometimes children demonstrate what are known as “maladaptive behaviors” that, in themselves, are a barrier to successful integration into many social and learning environments. In these cases, we conduct a Functional Analysis.

This is a vital part of an ABA program and we are meticulous about it. When not done properly, the resulting behavior plan is usually ineffective.

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A Functional Analysis isolates the possible causes and functions of the child’s maladaptive behavior, identifying the best plan to decrease or eliminate the behavior in question by teaching the child appropriate behaviors that will replace the maladaptive ones.

In general, any child exhibiting the following behaviors would benefit from a Functional Analysis:

  • Self-Injury,
  • Aggression,
  • Self-Stimulatory Behaviors, 
  • Non-Compliance.

At Think our two most important values are: teaching with compassion and expertise with competence. These values are the inspiration behind the experience we intend for your child’s comprehensive assessment.