Our Outreach services are for families who have someone at home or school who works consistently with their child and would like an ABA consultant (BCBA) to set up and monitor a high-quality ABA therapy program.

Our Outreach services mean you can have constant training and supervisionĀ for a custom-made program with specific targets for your child’s progress.

You will benefit from Outreach if you:

  • Have a caretaker for your child who is capable enough to learn and implement a custom-made ABA program.
  • Have a school shadow who can learn and implement a custom-made ABA program.
  • You yourself, or another family member, would like to learn how to implement and maintain a custom-made ABA program.

Our Outreach BCBA consultant observes the child in the relevant settings and creates an individualized program that is appropriate to theĀ setting it will be applied in, whether it is home or school.

During outreach sessions, Think’s BCBA consultant will assess if previously set targets have been met and determine if follow up targets are warranted. We encourage intensive work in between consultation sessions to ensure you are getting most out of your outreach consultation.

Outreach services can apply to anyone demonstrating behavioral or developmental challenges in the home and or school environment.