• Our life has changed since Ingy came into it. At a very stressful and difficult time for our family, we were referred to Ingy to help us with our son who was having behavioral issues due to his speech and developmental delay. We were having behavioral problems at home and a lot of issues at his previous school which was making both his life and ours miserable. I was impressed with her the minute she walked into my house. She oozed confidence, was very friendly, and obviously knew her job very well. I had no doubt that she was the perfect person to work with our son.

    I always left Ingy’s office feeling happy and seeing the positive traits that our son had which she highlighted to me at the end of each session. Her optimistic and positive attitude made both me and my son look forward to our next session with her. My son’s resistance was his major problem she said when she met him, not his speech. Her kind, yet firm approach, got him to become much more compliant at home, school and during her sessions.

    With Ingy’s help, we changed his school. He is much happier there and much calmer and more compliant. We as parents are much happier and less stressed. Ingy was always very helpful in providing resumes for shadow teachers anytime we requested and even spent time training one of them during her weekends at our house. Always proactive and continuously striving to reach our son’s full potential.

    His speech has blossomed. We continue to see improvement in his language and are so thankful to Think Inc for being able to improve his articulation and successfully implement their ABA therapy to improve his speech and behavior. Their professionalism and genuine affection towards my son shines through their eyes when he achieves something new and I am ever so grateful to them for all their hard work and dedication. Think Inc is the answer to parents like us who have struggled and had nowhere to go. It is a one of a kind centre and we are lucky to have it in Bahrain.

    Nada, Bahrain

  • My husband and I will never be able to thank Ingy enough for what she has done for my son. My son was very lucky for three years to have had Ingy in his life. She was his best advocate, fought alongside me in school to get better support for him. She has this innate ability to know what to do. She worked so hard to set excellent goals and consult in my son’s program when he was very young enabling him to have the early intervention that he needed. She is caring, loyal and extremely intuitive taking upon herself to try as many times and spend as many hours that it takes to make it right.

    When Ingy started working with my son I considered her a G-d send. We were not fortunate enough to have someone of her expertise and qualifications in the region before she arrived.

    My son loves her and even though he has not seen her in a year because we had to move to London, he still asks about her. Ingy puts her heart and soul into the program and my son’s therapy. It is not just a job for her because of her caring personality. She came with us to London to make sure that my son had the best program and intervention in his new school with the best support by training his classroom staff on how best to teach him.

    Ingy was my support not only my son. We went through so much together, there were roller coaster rides as well as times of so much joy and happiness, which she shared with us as a family.

    I know that any family will be lucky to have Ingy consulting on their child’s program. I would be happy to speak to any prospective parent who would like to hear of my experience.

    Lorraine, London

  • We are extremely satisfied with the therapy our son is following for the past two years and are particularly impressed by the professionalism, devotion and serious involvement. The constant follow up, the weekly meetings (skype sessions), the professional training our therapists have been subjected to as well as the well-rounded developed program involving the school and home environments are unique features and essential services that even international counselors we have worked with before lacked.

    During this time, our son Malek (9 years) has become a lot more expressive and can now speak in full sentences making himself better understood. We have witnessed considerable improvements in his behavior as he is now calmer with considerable drop in tantrums outburst. Such progress will now enable us to move on to the next level and concentrate more on his Academics.

    Sarah, Beirut

  • When I first realized my child’s autism, my main concern was providing him with the very best services. I flew him to the US, consulted with a renowned specialist and made sure his program was tailored to his needs and our goals. However as a parent living in Lebanon, it wasn’t practical flying back and forth overseas for follow-up, and I knew very well that any ABA program needed monitoring, updating, fine-tuning, and adjustments.

    After meeting with Ingy at Thinkinc.me, I felt reassured that my child and his team were in good hands. Besides always being available for feedback or tutorials regarding my therapists, Ingy has always been able to come up with new creative ideas to add to our program and our work. Even after training my therapists, she has always kept them on the right track by providing online consultations and Skype feedback sessions. The ease of communication that she has established with my therapists and I has proven very fruitful and has allowed us to advance quickly on difficult issues.

    In a nutshell, having consultants as accessible, extremely professional, and as qualified and up-to-date as the thinkinc.me team has truly been a blessing for us, as a family and as a team. We have witnessed remarkable changes in my child’s behavior and communication.

    Ghida, Lebanon

  • My son is a 3 year old boy recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. My husband I noticed his delay and odd behavior since he was 20 month old, by 22 month my husband and I took our son to get him diagnosed unfortunately we got many different opinions about his case some told us it is autism and others told us it is a language delay. So we were very frustrated and concerned. We didn’t know what to do or where to begin.

    We were so lucky to have met Ingy at thinkinc.me and that she came into our lives and started consulting us about making progress and working on his best skills and not to focus our attention on the diagnoses only. She showed us the importance of starting the early intervention.

    In just a few weeks after working with Ingy our son started to make progress. She told us that he is a fast learner but he needed a lot of repetition and properly planned natural environment teaching to target his language skills, play skills and behavior. Thinkinc.me made us see our son’s skills and potential.

    Our family is living in the Middle East, so it was almost impossible finding a trained ABA therapist but Ingy didn’t give up, and helped us find the therapist working with us now. Our son is doing much better every day. We have started potty training him and it is going great. My husband and I are really happy with his progress. It has been a great experience working with Ingy and we really would like to thank her for helping to put us on the right path.

    Hala, Egypt